29 April 2010

VOTE! 2.0

We've been busy here in the BG learning a little bit of American History whilst practicing our English, and in an effort to spice things up a bit, the kids from 8th grade have accepted a challenge:
Who can sing God Bless America better? I'm impartial, but luckily, you aren't! Watch both the classes, 8A and 8B, and leave a comment to vote for who you think gave the best performance! The winners have a prize in store for them!

Паралелите VIIIa и VIIIb са се съгласили да се състезават, за да види, които пяха по-добре американската песен God Bless America, която означава, Бог да благослови Америка. Виж видеото и пише коментар за да гласуваш за най-добрият клас.

*****If you've already voted, I've counted you! Thanks for you comments! If not, please write just your name and who you wish to vote for.

*****Ако вече гласувахте, благодаря. Преброих своя глас. Ако не сте гласували, моля пишете само името си и, за които желаете да гласувате .

27 April 2010

19 April 2010



I spent all of Saturday on an Eggs Benedict high, savored every bite, patted myself on the back, then laid down and day dreamed about HOW GOOD EB is.

How I poached the eggs:
I brought a big pot of water to boil, and added a few tablesoons of vinegar to help keep the egg together. Once it boiled, I turned the burner off and waited for it to slow to a simmer. I cracked an egg into a small teacup being sure not to break the yolk, and then slowly dipped the lip of the cup into the water and let the egg slide out. I took a spoon and gently gathered the egg together, and then put the lid on the pot and waited about 3 minutes. the yolk of the first egg was medium and the second was easy.

The Hollandaise:
Scaled down for one person, this sauce came together really quickly. Whisk one egg yolk with 1/3 Tbs lemon juice, and a pinch of salt pepper and cayenne if you have it. Put over medium heat and add about 30g of butter cut into chunks. Whisk constantly while butter melts, then cook to desired thickness and serve immediately. My version used less butter than the original recipe called for, but it was still the perfect consistency and really let the lemon flavor shine through.

I'm not going to lie -- it was super tricky to time everything right. I toasted the bread and fried the ham while waiting for the water to boil, then stuck them in the oven to stay warm while I moved onto the real cooking. I made sure the yolk/lemon mixture was ready and whisked before I put in the eggs to poach, and then after the lid was on them I put the sauce on. It came together more deliciously than I could have imagined!

13 April 2010

i miss my mom, always

before you hit the highway, you better stop for gas
there's a 50 in the ashtray in case you run short on cash
here's a map and here's a bible, if you ever lose your way
just one more thing before you leave--

don't forget to remember me.

yeah, i still feel like i'm where i'm supposed to be
but don't forget to remember me.

10 April 2010


our spring break had been pretty sedate and calm, so when in bucharest we decided to try and liven things up. we picked a standard touristy irish pub, decided on having one drink and moving on if nothing developed.

flashforward an hour when we are surrounded by a british men's rugby team, their chaperones, and a long line of drinking songs. god bless europe.