25 May 2009

a quick hi from vratsa!

hello! so, i've been in bulgaria for almost one full week now. our group of 62 volunteers spent the last few days in a mountain retreat learning about what we would be doing for the next 27 months. yesterday i moved in with my host family near Vratsa, which is north of Sofia. i have a mother and father who when they are not at work, manage a rather full garden and several goats, sheep and chickens. i didn't see a rooster, but there was one who definitely woke me up at 5 am! i also have a baba (grandmother) who is 85 and insists that i am tired, cold, or hungry, or all three. my first cultural faux pas was to put my bags on the floor, which goes against very strong bulgarian superstition. they didn't kick me out, so i guess i'm going ok.

bulgaria is great so far! i miss everyone in the states!

pieces from the peace corps...

14 May 2009

the countdown continues

hi. this is anna, reporting from ocean city. it's sunny here, the weather has finally reached perfection. here are the things i did today to prepare for monday, the day i officially report to the peace corps:
1. got my check from work, went to the bank, changed in my change, signed up for internet banking
2. returned several items to several different stores to avoid leaving my mother with a bedroom full of crap
3. got the code to unlock my cellphone (after 20 minutes. did you know that if you hang up on at&t, they might just call you back? seriously)
4. had dinner with mom at ruby tuesday = mom time is the utmost importance
5. helped mom download skype. taught mom how to spell skype.

bonny is coming tomorrow, there is a family potluck on sunday... so much to do in so little time!