13 July 2010

midservice elation; the coming months; anticipation

you may laugh when you hear jesse ruffes declare "i'm bringing the pool to midservice", but know one thing: if there's anything that jr is going to joke about, it's NOT bringing an inflatable pool halfway across bulgaria to be filled in a hotel bathroom and enjoyed by 6 or more of his closest friends.

yes folks, the 25th group of volunteers serving in bulgaria has completed its midservice training, administered in vratsa, our original home away from home. we were asked to examine ourselves and our service and what the potential is for the coming year, and while putting on very professional and optimistic faces, i would venture to guess that most of us were churning inside. be it because we are americans or for some other facet of our personalities, we went through those two days trying to show our best and not really addressing the things that continue to challenge us every day. this is what is still challenging me:

flippant kids, friends, acquaintances
what to eat for dinner tonight
leaving the village for a time and then adjusting when coming back
a serious lack of bacon
caffeine intake and the serious deterioration of tooth enamel
feeling effective
communication with people my age, thus, the turkish language